Nasty Juice is an award-winning Malaysian vape juice brand that has come up with the idea for an alternative product intended to aid smokers to quit the unhealthy habit. 

In particular, NCIG is an offshoot e-cigarettes brand that is aimed at helping Malaysians to quit smoking.


The idea for an alternative brand of e-cigarettes came to mind after the team behind NCIG realised that there were only ineffective products in the market which didn’t improve the chances of quitting smoking. Thus, they spent around 12 months and resources to develop prototypes for a type of e-cigarette that would eventually get users off the normal ones.

The resulting product, the aforementioned NCIG, has been developed completely in the sleepy town of Tampin. And its first user, the founder of NCIG himself managed to stop smoking for over a year by using the e-cigarette as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. 

According to the team, the device was designed and built to feel like an actual cigarette in the hands of users. At the same time, NCIG also boasts a superior nicotine satisfaction delivery that will eclipse the experience of any box of smokes. 

Their hard work and labour ultimately bore success as within the first month of launch, the brand managed to gather an impressive amount of users numbering up to around 30,000.

However, its popularity did come with some downsides. For one, the team quickly ran out of stock due to the massive initial positive response. Also, Facebook and Instagram blocked direct access to NCIG’s website — which the team has come out to say could be attributed to some shady action from their competitors in the Malaysian market.

That being said, the team still has lofty dreams for their product. Once they’ve gained the approval from the authorities and the results of research on the materials used by NCIG, the team plans on focusing their efforts to help over 1,000,000 smokers in the Malaysian market to finally drop the bad habit.

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