Grab? Taxi? Pssh, traverse the gridlocked city in style with Singapore-based Ascent Urban Air Mobility — an upcoming air commuting service i.e. flying taxi which utilises helicopters to ferry passengers across short distances.

Ascent Urban Air Mobility

Currently, Ascent has been doing relatively well with over 50 seats already sold within their first month of operations in the Philippines. The company serves its current Filipino commuters with three active choppers that may hold up to seven passengers each while making 30 flights per day.

If all goes well, the firm also hopes to expand its services to nearby metropolis cities of Bangkok, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, followed by some cities in China and Japan down the line.

As for how it works, Ascent offers flights at fixed time intervals — much like bus schedules. These slots are decided by traffic data and customer demand, though booking on-demand is also possible via a concierge.

Similar to other services like Grab, Ascent will fill up any available seating with passengers heading to similar destinations. Customers who want to hop on the helicopter will have to search and pick a time slot from Ascent’s website at least 24-hours in advance.

But apart from ride-sharing services, Ascent believes its fleet of helicopters may also be applied to other realms such as cross-border travel from its home nation of Singapore to other closer regions like Indonesia and Malaysia.

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